The Brewery Oud Beersel works in close cooperation with the NPO De Geuzen van Oud Beersel, which was founded in January 2007 on initiative of a number of friends. 

Nowadays, the members of the NPO are enthusiastic epicureans who actively or passively promote local produce and protect age-old traditions. They meet regularly for an instructive but pleasant activity, varying from a visit at local producers to the deepening of the lambic beers’ history. Of course they do not only stick to the theory of epicurean life, but they really put it into practice. 

Within the NPO De Geuzen van Oud Beersel active members participate in working groups, such as the team of passionate guides giving the brewery visits, the curators for the museum and the helping hands for their own activities or activities organized by the Brewery Oud Beersel. 

As a member you are thus also actively involved in the ins and outs of the Brewery Oud Beersel. You discover the marvellous world of spontaneous fermentation and behind the scene you experience the organization of a dynamic lambic brewery. 

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