In 2008 Oud Beersel started to supply flat Lambic from wooden barrels packed on bag-in-box to our elder generation of local customers. In the past, most bars in our region served Lambic straight from the wooden barrels. 

The Lambic was delivered to the bars on wooden barrels, initially with horse and carriage, afterwards with motorized transport like the old-timer Opel Blitz from Oud Beersel. The bartender filled stone jugs with Lambic from the wooden barrel to serve his customers. This tradition has disappeared over time. However, some locals never gave up their habit to drink a refreshing glass of still Lambic. 

We embarked on a 10-year research journey to find the best way of packaging our still Lambic beers. Because we care deeply for the quality of our Lambic, pasteurization was not an option, neither was filtration and other techniques more common to wine. The living micro-organisms in the Lambic keep the beer from oxidating on the bag-in-box. The counter side is that the micro-organisms continue to produce small amounts of CO2, inflating the bag-in-box until it leaks. We have tried solutions with pressure valve, breathable bags, and reinforced pouches, but nothing seemed to give us the desired result.

About 4 years before launch we started collaborating with our current supplier on a project to create the perfect bag for Lambic beers. It required a lot of testing and solution changing but we knew we were on the right track.  

In September 2018, finally, we launched the ultimate solution! The BEER BOX is a special bag-in-box packaging that is pressure resistant up to 2.5 bar. During filling, the bag is filled to its final form and put into a specially designed box adapted to its unique shape.   

As of now, your specialised beer bars and bottle shops around the world can revive the tradition of still Lambic from the wooden barrels